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'Where Wales Begins'
Mythology and Folklore

There are believed to be 'fairy mounds' the folklore of every village in the region was stories of fairies, ghosts, goblins and witches. George Borrow's famous books on Wales chronicle many of these well into Victorian times; with many folk bearing witness to the 'singing and merriment' of the 'fairy hills'.

The 'Mabinogion' has many stories related to the region. 'The Dream of Rhnobwy' is said to have taken place on the Iron Age fort at the top of Long Mountain, which still has its 'fairy mounds'. Arthurian legends centre greatly in the region, particularly Forden, Long Mountain and the Camlann Valley near Dinas Mawddy. For further reading on Arthurian studies in the area we recommend 'In the footsteps of King Arthur' by Lawrence Main, published by Western Mail and Echo, Havelock Street, Cardiff CF1 1XR (ISBN 09504042 4)

or 'King Arthur, the True Story', the rivetting best seller from Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman, published by Century / Random Books (ISBN 0712655808)

There are many good local bookshops and information centres selling books on folklore, mythology and ancient sites.

Recommended reading

The Folklore of the Welsh Border
Jacqueline Simpson (Batsford 1976) ISBN 0 7134 3163 6

In the Footsteps of King Arthur
Lawrence Main (Western Mail and Echo) ISBN 0 9504042 4 1

A Guide to the Dyfi Way
Lawrence Main (Western Mail and Echo) ISBN1 900477 009

Arthur's Camlan
Lawrence Main (Raymond Street) ISBN 1 871974 003

Camlan, the true story
Lawrence Main (Meirion publication)

King Arthur, the true story
Graham Phillips, Martin Keatman
(Century, Random Books) ISBN07126 55808

The Sacred Yew
Amand Chatan/ Diana Brueton
(Arkan / Penguin1995) ISBN 3579108642

Mysterious Wales
Chris Barber
(Paladin) ISBN 0586 085181

Wild Wales
George Burrows
(John Jones Publishing) ISBN 1871083265

Ancient Mysteries of Wales
Janet and Colin Bord
(Diamond / Harper Collins 1991) ISBN 0583313116

Powys Montgomeryshire Village Book
(Countryside Books) ISBN 1853060534

Mid Wales Companion
Moira K. StonE
(Cynefin/ Anthony Nelson) ISBN 0904614387

Fans of mythology, folklore and 'fairy kingdoms' will find a wealth of delights in Wales. Until recent generations, belief in the 'wee people' was common in Powys and many ancient structures and earthworks were untouched for generations.