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Paul Griffiths

Cyfarwyddwr Strategol - Lle / Strategic Director - Place

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Curadur : Eva Bredsdorff                                           Curator : Eva Bredsdorff

'Bones to Bronze'

Extinct Species of the Mascarene Islands

New temporary exhibition @ Powysland Museum in Welshpool

3rd of March – 23rd of May 2017

Powysland Museum is honoured and privileged to be able to host this incredible exhibition of beautiful and inspiring bronze sculptures created by the sculptor Nick Bibby and depicting extinct species of the Mascarene Islands. The exhibition has come about following a chance meeting with Dr. Carl Jones, the inspiration behind the sculptures, at the 2016 AGM of the Durrell Conservation Trust.

Dr Carl Jones is an eminent conservationist, recently the recipient of the Indianapolis Prize, director of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and a friend and colleague of the author, naturalist and founder of the Durrell Conservation Trust, Gerald Durrell. Together they have saved several species from the brink of extinction including the Mauritius Kestrel and the Pink Pigeon – both of which have been re-introduced in the wild following a successful captive breeding programme.

It was Carl Jones who suggested this exhibition for the museum. Contact was established with Rungwe Kingdon and Claude Koenig of the Pangolin Editions sculpture foundry, who were responsible for transforming Carl Jones’ original idea into reality. Not only did they give permission to show the sculptures but the museum was only asked to cover the transport costs – a most generous and welcome gesture. Dr Carl Jones has also generously lent a number of items to the exhibition, which were used in the recreation of the species.

Powysland Museum is extremely proud to be showing this exhibition and it is hoped that visitors will appreciate and enjoy the beautiful and evocative sculptures.

Opening hours:

Weekdays, except Wednesday: 11am-1pm & 2-5pm; Saturday 11am-2pm

For further details contact the museum on 01938 554656

or email powysland@powys.gov.uk