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The Planning Enquiry was held for eight days until 15 March 2013

The Inspector's report recommended that the application should be rejected.

The Minister did not accept this and rejected her report.

The final Appeal in June 2014 also failed and building work has started.

Request to call in an application for a proposed extension to an existing dairy unit at Lower Leighton Farm, Leighton, Welshpool, Powys

The Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development has decided that this application should be "called in" instead of being dealt with by the local planning authority.
Date of decision: 24 January 2012

Statement of information:

...Following a careful assessment of all the issues, the Welsh Government considered there was insufficient information in respect of the following matters to show that all the policy considerations had been fully addressed by Powys County Council in reaching its decision on the planning application:

• the management of the pollution risks associated with the slurry spreading - generally and in relation to the SSSI; and

• the visual and landscape amenity in respect of the registered historic garden of Powis Castle (Grade 1).

It is not clear from Powys County Council's Planning Committee's decision what information it took into account when coming to its conclusions or the reasoning behind resolving to approve the planning application. In view of this the Welsh Government was unable to conclude that appropriate and adequate consideration had been given by Powys County Council's Planning Committee, given the concerns of the Powys County Council's planning officers and Cadw, to national or local policies relevant to the protection of the Grade 1 historic garden of Powis Castle, a site of historic importance and landscape interest.

In this respect, therefore, the development appears to be in conflict with national and local planning policy relating to Conserving the Historic Environment...

To see the full response from the Welsh Government please see: